Earfare: Maria Popova, Curator of Brain Pickings via Tim Ferriss Podcast

Maria Popova (@BrainPicker)

I discovered Maria Popova (@BrainPicker) through numerous mentions by Tim Ferriss (@tferriss) but it was not until I listened to this Podcast that I discovered how profound her primary body of work, BrainPickings.org is. Ferriss begins by saying Popova describes “herself as a reader/writer; interestingness hunter/gatherer; and curious mind at large.” While she has written for publications like The …

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FastFaves: Tembo, Volkswagen, Kickstarter & Hell’s Club


Here are some recent favorites I’ve stumbled, have been interested in, or just generally think are worth taking a look at. Top Facebook Post: “It’s amazing what you can accomplish when you have so many passionate, motivated individuals all working towards a common goal for the greater good.” – Phil Michaels, Founder and CEO of Tembo Tembo @ …

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Earfare: Naval Ravikant, CEO, AngelList via Tim Ferriss Podcast


Tim Ferriss (@tferriss) refers to Naval Ravikant (@naval) as “a very deep thinker who is very good at asking questions” and who’s success not only in business but in life comes from his “practice of being hyper-rational” when others are emotional. Ravikant’s wisdom shows countless times during this two hour discussion and his best investor advice is applicable to all of …

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Summer Reading Recap 2015

My Summer Reading

In June I decided to reboot my reading habit and completed a book each week which has lead to more consistent reading overall. With summer coming to a close I thought I would share some thoughts on some of them. The topics varied but all relate in some fashion to my projects regarding how technology and corporations are …

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Book Review: The Secret History of Weeds


  The Secret History of Weeds is an outstanding look into the untold history of women dating back to our early history. Author Julia Hughes Jones was inspired to research and write “Weeds” by the misogynist ideas of Martin Luther, who in 1533 wrote that “Girls begin to talk and to stand on their feet sooner than boys because weeds always …

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Journalism Must Shed Paper Cocoon

Kenneth Dwain Harrelson [GFDL or CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

For over six years I have followed the newspaper industry’s struggle to maintain a sustainable financial foundation for journalism. From misunderstanding the nature of social media and disregarding consumer trends to highlighting Google’s Eric Schmidt offering to “help newspapers” in 2009 I have been an consistent advocate for the newspaper industry’s role in good journalism. In January 2012 I first described “An Innovative Opportunity for …

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Competition, Not Regulation Drives GMO Transparency

Organic Stamp Shows Natural Farm Foods

In March 2013 Whole Foods Market put “a stake in the ground on GMO labeling” by announcing that by 2018 all products sold by the grocery chain would be labeled indicating any included genetically modified organisms in order to provide full GMO transparency to customers. The announcement occurred around the same time as failed efforts by consumer activists to petition the federal government …

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‘Mad Men’ was a decade-long whale hunt antagonized by an economist

Illustration from an early edition of Moby-Dick

The series finale of ‘Mad Men’ closed a fictional window to the 1960s. Women’s and civil rights, The Beatles, Serge Gainsbourg and The Doors, the introduction of birth control and realization that cigarettes cause cancer. The series remained authentic by intertwining itself with events of the decade. The crash of American Airlines Flight 1, the assassinations of John F Kennedy …

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