Vinny Tafuro is a dynamic and thought-provoking speaker. His enthusiasm for his well-researched content, combined with his concise and direct delivery, facilitates stimulating discussion and reflection about vital issues impacting our present and future society. He seamlessly connects short-term challenges with the long-term vision of a more sustainable economy. I highly recommend Mr. Tafuro for speaking engagements! – Debbi Stone, Vice President of Education, Florida Aquarium

Thank you for giving us and AAF your time and helping open up the minds of AdFed Suncoast members to new ideas and future trends. – Lee Gaines, President, AdFed Suncoast

I wanted to thank you for your great contribution to the Social Entrepreneur series at Hillsborough Community College! You were extremely informative AND inspirational. Your messages and themes spoke to me directly as a social entrepreneur. I have also heard great feedback from a few folks that attended the event. – Bevan Gray-Rogel, President & Founder, Encore Tampa Bay

Vinny is a very polished speaker who is passionate about Conscious Capitalism and business in general. He was the luncheon keynote for The Social Enterprise/Entrepreneur Partnership Conference on October 2014 sponsored by USFSP and Social Enterprise Alliance of Tampa Bay. He garnered everyone’s attention and presented with a focus on entrepreneurism and social enterprises. We hope to partner with him for future presentations. – Nancy Giles, President, Social Enterprise Alliance Tampa Bay

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  • Measuring Social Capital: Modern Metrics for the Digital Age (Recent Talk)
    Economists have considered social capital the ‘dark matter’ of the economy. From Adam Smith’s ‘invisible hand’ to the tremendous impact of the Internet on society, there is no doubt that GDP simply cannot ‘see’ vast sectors of the economy. Vinny Tafuro examines how social trust influences social capital and how big data may provide the first opportunity to measure social capital and provide modern metrics to fuel investment in societal health, wellbeing, and education to truly usher in the knowledge economy.

    “Build #SocialCapital metrics w/a #UGCIndex to #GoBeyondGDP providing modern metrics for the digital age. #EconomicUpgrade w/@vinnytafuro” Click to tweet.

  • Advertising & Competition Drive Social Change
  • Sustainability for Global Business
  • Social Enterprise, Disrupting Philanthropy
  • Technological Unemployment / Knowledge Economy
  • Work Revolution / Disrupting the Status Quo