Category: Corporate Empathy

The Up Side of Looking Down

Today we often read, hear about, or otherwise discuss how being constantly connected by technology through our smart phones and other devices to social media and the Internet is diminishing our appreciation for “real” conversations and building “real” relationships in the physical world. We are encouraged to unplug and disconnect as we fight very real …

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Economic Laggards Face Pending Extinction

It’s been just nine lightning fast quarters since I began writing Corporate Empathy and openly discussing whether corporations acting with empathy could profitably find solutions to big social challenges. In that time I’ve found solid examples of just that. Initiatives like Conscious Capitalism, Benefit Corporations, and Sr Richard Brandson’s, The B Team consist of businesses that …

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A Psychological Evaluation of Corporations

Last week’s move by Chipotle is a great preview of how corporations may someday keep each other in check without tight regulation as they compete to outdo each other’s social impact. This entry is an excerpt from my book Corporate Empathy that you can read or watch below. America’s Constitution created a republic and adopted capitalism as …

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