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Tide Talks Screening and European Economic Summits

As an economist and author October 2017 is a month full of amazing opportunity for introducing the Unlocking the Labor Cage community to a wider global audiance. Evening Tide Talks Screening On Thursday evening, October 12, 2017 join friends and family at FIVE Labs in Tampa’s Westshore District for the FREE world premiere screening of Evening Tide Talks with …

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Unlocking the Labor Cage: Capitalism in the Twenty-First Century

For as long as the technics of society change, no existing division of wealth is immune from attack. — Robert Heilbroner Unlocking the Labor Cage is the first step to reconfiguring capitalism for the twenty-first century. Contemporary economic theory restricts capitalism to three methods of currency circulation. The first and primary being the voluntary exchange …

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Summer Reading Recap 2015

In June I decided to reboot my reading habit and completed a book each week which has lead to more consistent reading overall. With summer coming to a close I thought I would share some thoughts on some of them. The topics varied but all relate in some fashion to my projects regarding how technology and corporations are …

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