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Unlocking the Labor Cage, 2016

Unlocking the Labor Cage explores how information age technologies are providing corporations with an aggressive, holistic, and fiscally sound opportunity to lead our way into the new age. The companies best positioned to capitalize on these opportunities are part of an industry already applying immense pressure on a dated economic operating system for over four decades.

We are currently caged by the idea that only labor provides compensable value in society and this book hacks at that belief. By Unlocking the Labor Cage, we remove obstacles that act as incentives for the status quo and hold back innovation. By Unlocking the Labor Cage, we remember that economics is one of the humanities. By Unlocking the Labor Cage, we unlock the human potential to evolve society through imagination, creativity and innovation.

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Corporate Empathy, 2012

Empowering corporations to embrace the digital age for the benefit of all stakeholders.
Empowering corporations to embrace the digital age for the benefit of all stakeholders.

Corporate Empathy challenges the thinking that large corporations must forgo empathy and purpose. Author Vinny Tafuro illustrates how economists and law professors have created a false believe that corporations are required to be exploitative profit driven entities. Tafuro points to the loss of company founders as a turning point where corporate managers sacrifice vision for quick profits that subsequently damaging the long-term success of the corporation.

Margaret Mead’s famous quote about a “small group of committed people,” Tafuro believes is applicable to a growing number of corporate “persons” with innovative ideas and leadership committed to changing the world.

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Vinny Tafuro’s book urging “Corporate Empathy” is right on target for today and tomorrow’s corporate America. As he strongly puts it, “We must must push to instill empathy in corporate America to do the right thing in the same way we expect an individual adult.” Following this ethical mandate we will benefit as consumers, the company, its shareholders and workforce. – Wally Snyder, Executive Director, Institute for Advertising Ethics