Really sad statistics on volunteering.

According to an Associated Press article published today in the St. Pete Times, both the state I currently live in and the one I am originally from rank among the lowest of all the states in volunteerism rates.

Most of you know the amount of time I put into volunteering and the importance I feel it has for the community and personal growth.

Here is the URL for the article if you are interested:

Here’s the lowest five states…

  • 47. Mississippi, 24.2 percent
  • 48. Florida, 21.8 percent
  • 49. Louisiana, 21.2 percent
  • 50. New York, 20.1 percent
  • 51. Nevada, 17.5 percent

If this statistic makes you feel like we should do more, then just take some time and do something. It’s a pretty pathetic statistic to read on a Monday morning.

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