TEDxAkron, April 2018

“I see distant horizons clearly and work meticulously towards them.” — Vinny Tafuro

Vinny Tafuro is a visionary thinker, writer, entrepreneur, communications theorist, and economist. Author of two books, Corporate Empathy and Unlocking the Labor Cage, he is a pioneering advocate for the twenty-first century economy that is disrupting society’s most rigid institutions and beliefs.

His economic theories explore the societal and economic shifts being catalyzed by corporations as a result of technology, corporate personhood, and evolving human cognition.

He is a founder and chair of Conscious Capitalism Florida, whose purpose is elevate humanity through business.

He presents to organizations, corporations, and colleges on a variety of engaging topics both professionally and through community organizations. He enjoys an active and blended professional, academic, and personal life, selecting challenging projects that offer opportunities for personal and professional growth.

Vinny lives in St. Petersburg Florida with his partner, Amanda Patanow, and their two cats Dame Daphne Fuzzybutt and Princess Chloe Purrface. Amanda and Vinny own and operate Uptown Works Colab Suites, a modernized twist on executive suites with coworking space.

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