I’m just too busy to do anything for the community…

So its another Monday almost exactly a month later and I read another article pointing out how apathetic (or maybe just plain pathetic) my generation has handled volunteering.

Today’s Tampa Tribune article, Longtime Service Club Calling It Quits, sites “Many younger men don’t want the commitment of weekly meetings” according to Kiwanis Club of Palma CeiaWestshore club President Dan Moore, 73. The club is down to six members now.

Of course maybe there are additional reasons that this particular club has not been able to recruit young members but the overall trend of non-involvement certainly contributes to the problem.

The case can be made that we all have busier lives with more hectic jobs and far more personal commitments than in years past but that does not mean that we don’t have any time. I personally know of too many people in my generation who commit absolutely ZERO time and energy to anything relating to the community.

Many of us will work through lunch day after day for no measurable bonus but rather just because it is the “norm” now instead of taking that hour and applying it to something useful…

UPDATE 5/30/07:
I highly doubt the Tampa Tribune is using my blog for editorial suggestions (yet) but I found today’s opinion, Trading Kiwanis For ‘American Idol’, on the subject to be right on track.

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