Props to the Community Foundation of Tampa Bay

The Tribune article, Charitable Bang per Buck Biggest Here, about Charity Navigator’s list of the nation’s top 10 “slam-dunk” charities, highlights the Community Foundation of Tampa Bay for making the list.

The Community Foundation of Tampa Bay is now ranked as one of the most efficient charities in the country.

“We don’t do galas. We don’t do golf tournaments,” explains the foundation’s president and CEO, David Fischer. “Our money comes in and stays.”

Charity Navigator, the nation’s largest charity watchdog, ranks the Tampa-based foundation among the nation’s 10 “slam-dunk” charities. Nonprofits on the list are so efficient that donors know they can’t possibly miss.

The foundation spends a mere 1.8 percent on administration and 1.7 percent on fundraising, leaving 96.5 percent of its resources to fulfill its mission of connecting “donors who care with causes that matter.”

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