Mary Lee Consolidates Assistance

Back in July 2007, Peg Reese, executive director of Mary Lee’s house spoke to the Tampa Exchange Club about the program that would bring a number of child services to one location in an effort to assist children in one location to make the process smoother and less traumatic.

Today the St Pete Times reported on last weeks opening.

If there’s even the possibility a child might have been abused, they often must be examined, questioned and counseled as soon as possible.

That used to mean taking the child to the hospital, then the sheriff’s office, to court for depositions and, eventually, to a therapist – all in different locations.

But an idea to make it easier for the child means all that help is now in one place.

At Mary Lee’s House, children can be seen by child abuse experts from doctors and nurses to law enforcement officers to mental health providers.

Congratulations to Mary Lee’s house and the program’s supporters.

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