Microsoft should be scared of Google Chrome

This PCWorld article came out about a few weeks after I downloaded and tried out Google’s new browser, Chrome.

I’ve been using Chrome since.

Google’s Chrome browser has a market share that rounds down to zero. Yet Microsoft plans to argue to the European Commission that bundling Chrome into Windows — an anti-trust decree the EC wants to impose — will potentially give Google a monopoly hold on the Internet.

The claim seems laughable to anyone who hasn’t used Chrome. But those who try the largely unknown application almost unanimously rave about its speed and ease of use. Never mind the arcane software benchmark charts all over the ‘Net: Chrome is fast.

Google knows speed is addictive

I’ve made attempts to try Firefox and Safari yet have stuck with Internet Explorer since leaving Netscape in 1997.

The addiction to speed is the key here.

While Chrome is lacking in some very needed features (i.e. support for the Google toolbar and the WordPress dashboard, etc.) the main benefit is I can browse significantly faster than the other three browsers.

So fast in fact that if I need a feature rich browser for a certain website; I simply open IE, accomplish the task close IE and return to my still open Chrome window.

Here’s a promo video that illustrates how Google has simplified the browser. You can learn more and download Google Chrome here.

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