PagelinesPro for Exchange Club of Tampa

I’ve been using WordPress templates by PageLines for about two years now starting with their WhiteHousePro theme for politically themed websites. While WhiteHousePro was a great fit for this niche the other templates offered such as iBlogPro and EcoPro were not very flexible and/or inspiring.

That changed late last year with the release of the PlatformPro Framework, a general purpose WordPress Theme with drag and drop, layout, typography, design-control and more along with complete CSS access for advance design.

Since initially setting up a test site with the PlatformPro I’ve been able to use the system in a number of sites now, most commonly¬†appropriate being non-profit sites.

In addition to the Less Than 6 Degrees Tampa Bay site, I was able to quickly upgrade the site for the Exchange Club of Tampa this month. The new PlatformPro interface was a simple and clean way to upgrade and enhance a somewhat incomplete site design.

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