Jobsite Theater – The Guys

Jobsite Theater - The Guys

On Sunday I was able to catch the final showing of Jobsite Theater’s production of the The Guys and am glad I made it.

As a regular fan of their shows I am always entertained and have a great time.

The Guys is phenomenal theater; Paul and Roz Potenza were moving and perfect in their performance. Creative Loafing’s Mark Leib illustrates perfectly why the play is such a proper tribute to a terrible tragedy.

Of course, no play can sufficiently commemorate an event as tragic as 9/11. But maybe that’s The Guys’ secret: it’s small, unassuming, deliberately limited in scope. Aspiring to little, it doesn’t insult us with its ambitions. Like a carefully chosen kind word, it’s brief but soothing.

We all lost a lot on that day. But it’s the virtue of The Guys that it keeps its canvas small.

For me, the day itself and the period leading up to and after 9/11 is etched a with certain precision that is unlike any other part of my life.

Thank you to Anne Nelson for creating this elegant tribute and for director Shawn Paonessa and Jobsite’s decision to produce it.

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