Play with Legos = Plan Tampa Bay’s future!

Anyone who knew me in the preteen years can testify that Legos were the lifeblood of my childhood. Anyone who know me today knows that quality of life in Tampa Bay is a top priority for me.

Today the Tampa Tribune made me aware that someone had decided to combine the two for me!

Citizens Can Help Plan Lay Of Land

Here’s a short description of the exercise from the Realty Check Tampa Bay website (

“The tabletop exercises are designed to increase awareness and to educate about the interrelationships among regional land use, transportation systems, and natural resources. Participants, led by trained facilitators, join 10-person groups to use a detailed map to plan future growth by placing Lego┬« building blocks to represent additional homes and jobs. These individuals are asked to determine where new residents will live and new employment will locate. “

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