Best High School American Government Class

I have followed the high school “Ought to be a Law” contest the last three years and was very pleased to see that it had grown to be a countywide. This program started at my Alma mater, Gaither High School by my neighborhood’s State Representative, Kevin Ambler and personal friend Senator Victor Crist as a lesson in civics for students.

The concept of allowing students to actually introduce a real bill with the potential to become law seems so simple it is amazing it is not actually part of the curriculum. What better way to engage students in the process then letting them watch it happen.

I remember my American Government classes pretty well and even though I enoyed the subject personaly I still remember the whole “how a bill becomes a law” lession being ambiguous in nature since its a concept that even many adults don’t quite get.

Here’s a link to the complete St Pete Times article:
Students compete to turn bills into laws By ELISABETH DYER Published February 9, 2007

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