Sprint Prediction: Correct

A full six months, a holiday shopping season and a new year have come and gone since predicting that “Dreams” and subsequent ads created by two time Adweek U.S. Agency of the Year, Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, would do little to improve Sprint’s business situation.

According to this Reuters article that prediction was correct.

Sprint Nextel Corp reported deeper than expected subscriber losses on Friday and said it would cut about 4,000 jobs, raising fears of a slowdown in the U.S. wireless industry, and its stock dropped nearly 25 percent.

I think the reference to a slowdown in the industry is overly dramatic considering the 683,000 subscribers lost by the company did not give up cell phones; they mostly went to AT&T and Verizon Wireless.

I do have to add that I have enjoyed the campaign and think creatively, Goodby did everything they could do.

Last April I wondered if a creative campaign could help a company that customers love to hate. Unlike HP where the campaign reinforced good feelings this campaign had way too much of an uphill climb.

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