Update: Hillsborough County CAC – February 29, 2008

Our first speakers were the county’s Community Liaisons; Tony Morejon (Hispanic Liaison), Joyce Russell (African American Liaison), Kimi Springsteen (Asian American Liaison), Sandra Sroka (ADA Liaison). Each of them provided very informative updates on what they do to help the citizens of Hillsborough County.

Our second speaker was Tammy Peralta, Station Manager for Hillsborough Television who spoke about the Value Initiative PSA’s that the county is rolling utilizing the $150 thousand advertising credit provided from Bright House Networks after moving HTV to channel 622.

Eric Johnson, Manager, Office of Management and Budget then provided a budget update.
Hillsborough County Citizens Advisory CommitteeAppointed by Commissioner Brian Blair

Hillsborough County Citizens Advisory Committee
Appointed by Commissioner Brian Blair

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