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Why pulling out of Paris Agreement will not change U.S. course on climate change

Human influenced climate change is real my friends. Regardless of Presidential policy. While U.S. government action on climate change oscillates based on party control, the marketplace has increasingly ruled in favor of science. Over the past decade more and more companies have pledged to fight climate change. The U.S. government’s withdrawal from the Paris climate …

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Mark Sharpe on Transportation

Mark Sharpe gave a presentation at today’s Exchange Club luncheon addressing the need for a transit plan for the Tampa Bay area and really seems to understand the value of providing mobility options and how it will affect people and organizations decisions to visit, relocate or do business here. I commended him on Facebook where …

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Jefferson on taxes and banks

As we continue to bail out private industries and prepare to file our taxes (or extensions) next week, I am reminded by the following two quotes that this is probably not how the founders (or at least Jefferson) intended it to be. The first relates to the lessons we can learn from our founder as …

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