Microsoft and Crispin… this ought to be uncomfortable

The first two installments of Crispin’s efforts for Microsoft have been release during NFL games and have generated buzz if nothing else.

The ads have probably creeped out the Burger King King.

Seriously though, I found the ads entertaining.

The first ad which introduces the duo of Bill Gates and Jerry Seinfeld as they meet while Bill is shoe shopping. The second ad takes the pair to suburbia where they bunk with a typical family in an effort to “connect with real people” since they of course do not live normal lives.

While some critics are saying the ads are too strange and there is no real mention of the products etc; I think the ads are brilliant because they aren’t trying to make you buy.

This is a unique situation for Microsoft; but even more so Crispin.

Crispin’s campaigns are usually great at getting people to talk about a brand, and for the first time that is the only goal the agency needs to worry about.

Unlike Burger King or Miller Lite, Microsoft is the dominant market player when it come to it’s core products of Windows and Microsoft Office.

With the failed Miller campaign, Crispin entertained us all with The Men of the Square Table. The problem however, was no matter how funny the ad, or catchy the concept, I am not switching from Bud Light; and was obviously not alone.

The current Mac campaign is in a similar situation, they are wildly entertaining; but are they increasing market share? 

The Microsoft campaign is purposely vague and creep to get people talking. Until last week many consumers probably didn’t know what Bill Gates looked like.

Even fewer knew that he used his own mug shot from his 1997 arrest. This fact alone gives those that know more to talk about with those that don’t get it right away further spreading the buzz.

I am looking forward to see where they take this next.

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