Cincinnati YP Community

This article is a bit old but was recently brought to my attention. It seems Cincinnati Mayor Mark Mallory has a “Young Professionals Kitchen Cabinet” that consists of 100 young residents, serving on 10 committees to address issues like housing, economic development, the environment and civic engagement.

that deal with just those issues, and he not only makes sure they’re heard, he helps them get their ideas into play.

Sounds like Emerge Tampa Bay but with the clout of the Committee of 100.

Cincy was never on my radar until a few years ago when National Ad 2 assisted the Cincinnati Ad Club in forming Ad 2 Cincinnati. Since then however I have gotten to know a number of people living there and have coorsponded with another politica YP group known as Cincy PAC.

This November Ad 2 Cincy will be hosting the National Ad 2 mid year retreat. It will be my first visit to the city and I am looking forward to seeing what it has to offer.


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