American Victory Ship Website Launch

The American Victory Ship is proud to announce that its new website developed by Tafuro Communications has been launched.

This third generation website valued at over $20,000 incorporates a fully content managed interface along with new media features designed under the creative direction of Crissia Reay utilizing donated photography by Kismis Ink. ”

It has been an honor and pleasure to work with the American Victory and her supporters over the past decade. We are very proud to be supporters ourselves and look forward to the next decade of celebrating our country’s maritime history”, said president, Vincent Tafuro.

Executive director Bill Kuzmick added, “The American Victory Ship is truly grateful to Tafuro Communications for their unending dedication and commitment.  Vinny Tafuro, along with Crissia and Kismis Ink, have developed an impressive website reflecting the positive growth and development experienced by the AmVic.  Thanks to their efforts, the website will effectively carry the AmVic into the future.”

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