Has The Captain Put Away His Toys?

Is Captain Morgan seeking sophistication?

Last year some friend discussed on Facebook the merits of the Cruzan 9 rum campaign that ran in select cities. Because Tampa was one of the cities targeted and has a love affair with pirates the subject was particularly of interest. I can’t find the comment string (Facebook sucks at archiving) but I did find a blog post by Jeff Copeland that described the outdoor boards that were spotted.

Fast-forward to Captain Morgan Becomes Slightly Less of a Meathead published on AdFreak this week and I’ve got to wonder if Cruzan’s shots across the Captain’s bow have been answered?

While not often a rum drinker – I did intend without success to try Cruzan when the ads ran on the basis of liking the creative.

I do wonder if in the realm of rum drinking fans if the campaign had any affect.

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