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Why I am Writing a Book

Last November while running what was my first run longer than 5K with a friend and having what we describe as “gorgeous political discussion” it was suggested around mile three or four that I write a book. To which I promptly stopped and stated exhaustively, “what the —- would I write a book about?”

On December 19, after putting way too much information into a single iPhone note I started a Word document called Book Notes which quickly grew into a sizable document and eventually developed into detailed notes, ideas, narratives, and quotes. The basic idea conveyed by the book, why I decided to write it in the first place, was a simple core belief that as a society we are missing huge opportunities in our use of technology. For all the benefits we currently realize there are countless benefits that are going undiscovered or worse yet – discovered but unused.

How Did I Get Here?

My entire life and especially my adult life has been a journey with an unknown destination. I have treasured experiences over possessions and flexibility over stability. My comfort zone is in taking risks and working towards something larger than the sum of the parts. To achieve this I have owned or managed multiple companies, worked in corporate America, invested countless hours in the support of non-profit organizations, and supported local elected officials in their campaigns for office.

While each of the above has its place in the workings of our modern economy and I could have been extremely successful at any of them I never felt a deep passion for any one direction. The indecision this caused has been a constant challenge for me because while it provided a business that paid the bills (most of the time) and many fulfilling side projects it never fully engulfed me and made it clear what my life’s work would be.

I began blogging in 2006 on business and advertising, non-profits and public service, community and civic involvement, government and politics, the Internet, social media, and journalism. My career has provided me firsthand experience in all of these subjects and with that experience an overall view that has allowed me to observe many of the reasons our for-profit, non-profit, government, and media institutions do not interact more efficiently with each other.

All of my personal experience and writing finally coalesced into a solid idea during the period following my run in November. Once the idea came together a torrent of ideas and  journey of aggressive exploration followed.

What is the Idea?

Corporate Empathy is a short book, a narrative persuasive argument for empowering corporations to embrace the technology age to improve the lives of the people they serve. In the book I take the reader on an abbreviated journey through American history and the beginnings of the Technological Revolution. In the third and final section, Instilling Empathy, I layout the closing arguments of a case I believe we can win. The case that our corporate citizens, the companies we have given the same rights and freedoms as people, will in fact appreciate the benefits they will realize by embracing the same responsibilities as individuals.

This is only the beginning of what I believe will be an exciting journey. While the book is complete and accomplishes it’s goal, the stories and ideas could be expanded on to further emphasize the great potential of our corporate citizens.

If you would like to purchase the book or read the preview you can do so here.

I am humbled to have the opportunity to share this idea in the form of a book and look forward to the discussions that I hope will follow soon.


Vinny Tafuro

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