Introducing Conscious Capitalism Florida

CC-Floirda-Logo-WebsiteAs we quickly come to the close of the first quarter of 2013 I am pleased to announce the launch of Conscious Capitalism Florida, Inc. The organization was established on January 15, 2013 and I am proud to be a founder and to serve as the president and CEO of this new chapter of Conscious Capitalism.

The mission of Conscious Capitalism Florida is to encourage the private and academic sectors to make conscientious decisions that utilize the free market to solve problems outside of the purpose and capability of government and non-profits.

The purpose of Conscious Capitalism Florida is to raise statewide awareness through education of the Conscious Capitalism® movement by working with the private, public, non-profit, and education sectors to create opportunities that promote the practice of Conscious Capitalism.

As a privately funded non-profit organization Conscious Capitalism Florida is able to transcend many of the limiting factors that Florida’s other economic development organizations, chambers of commerce, and local governments regularly face.

For more information please begin here,, or to make a donation and support our cause click here. With your financial support and/or advocacy we can carry out our mission, fulfill our purpose, and accomplish our goals!


Vinny Tafuro
President & CEO
Conscious Capitalism Florida, Inc.

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