TBO: Airport pitched as place to market products made in Tampa area

Commissioner Victor Crist
Commissioner Victor Crist

Personal friend Hillsborough County Commissioner Victor Crist deservedly received good coverage today with this story in the Tampa Tribune. As I bring my own apparel and merchandise brand Corporate Empathy to market and partner with local brands like the Black & Denim Apparel Company it is nice to see this project’s focus.

This “Made in Tampa Bay” showcase illustrates that Hillsborough County knows we need to be diverse in our support of the local economy. Technology start-ups, innovation centers and the medical industry are all important but we need to make sure we are broad in our economic development efforts as we branch out from tourism and home building.

“It goes to reinforce the branding of our region as a player in the world of economics,” Crist said. “You go through the airport and you’ll see what’s obvious: who’s here and what they do.”

“The move would strengthen all economic development initiatives already underway” he said.

Manufacturing and consumer products have long been a part of our local economy and this project will help make sure we keep it that way.

SOURCE: TBO: Airport pitched as place to market products made in Tampa area

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