FastFaves: Top Facebook Post, PromptSmart, GE, Da Vinci & Colin Quinn

add-favorite-simplicity-icon_fJJP6TIuHere are some recent favorites I’ve stumbled on, have been interested in, or just generally think are worth taking a look at.

Top Facebook Post

I shared my recent comments to Tampa City Council about protecting our city’s history and modifying parking requirements to incentivize development that would fund transit operations. The proposed zoning request was denied and hopefully we can create zoning that helps incentivize real urban development.

Awesome Application

PromptSmartFor the above public comments I upgraded my tech. Awesome $10 app purchase! PromptSmart is the first ever voice recognition-enabled teleprompter app for iPhone and iPad. With VoiceTrack voice recognition technology, PromptSmart will follow your every word during your speech, automatically scrolling the text at your natural pace in real time.

Advertising Meets Tech

This new campaign by GE illustrates how few people understand what “digital” tech really means and should inspire some genius creatives to take a look at GE. In the soon to launch Late-Night TV campaign by GE to recruit college grads, called ‘What’s the Matter With Owen,’ the company positions Itself as a digital industrial company

The “Hammer” spot reminds me of the huge societal changes regarding “work” we’ve seen in the last 80 years, recollected by Google founder Larry Page in his “Alley Oop” Hammer story during his University of Michigan 2009 commencement.

Leonardo's Brain

Recommended Reading

Leonardo’s Brain: Understanding Da Vinci’s Creative Genius by Leonard Shlain is a postmortem examination into the source and potential of his creativity and consciousness where Shlain hypothesizes that Leonardo may have been a glimpse into what lies ahead for our species. Read more and the rest of my Summer Reading Recap here.

Comedy Relief

Found Colin Quinn: Unconstitutional while browsing Netflix and in light of the current social political mess it’s a great show. New York comedian Colin Quinn writes and stars in this live one-man stage show that dissects and deconstructs U.S. constitutional history.


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