FastFaves: Tembo, Volkswagen, Kickstarter & Hell’s Club

add-favorite-simplicity-icon_fJJP6TIuHere are some recent favorites I’ve stumbled on, have been interested in, or just generally think are worth taking a look at.

Top Facebook Post:

“It’s amazing what you can accomplish when you have so many passionate, motivated individuals all working towards a common goal for the greater good.” – Phil Michaels, Founder and CEO of Tembo

Tembo @ The University of Tampa – Presentation video

UT Hult PrizeTembo is competing for a chance to win the 1 million Dollar Hult Prize. Team Tembo, composed of all UT students, is one of 6 teams, out of over 20,000, to make it to the finals. They are traveling to New York to present to President Clinton, Nobel Laureate Mohammad Yunus, and other world dignitaries.

Advertising Mourns

The scandal with Volkswagen hits those of us in advertising personally. A great brand, that some of the most creative people in our industry helped to build – broke our hearts.

Faris Yakob’s article A poisoned lemon sums up why the VW scandal stings for those of us in advertising… “They lied to the world and they lied not only to us, but through us.”

Corporate Empathy

Find our more @
Find our more @

New York Times: Kickstarter becomes Benefit Corporation

“We don’t ever want to sell or go public,” said Mr. Strickler, Kickstarter’s chief executive. “That would push the company to make choices that we don’t think are in the best interest of the company.”

Today’s social entrepreneurs are the tinkerers of the age. Where Henry Ford tinkered with manufacturing and Steve Jobs tinkered with computers, these new entrepreneurs are tinkering with the expired ideas of dead economists.

We are the earliest adopters of a new economic realization that profit alone is not fulfilling; that empathy, not greed are what motivates people.

Comedy Relief

This mashup is amazing and creative genius that is just hard to believe. You can’t not watch the entire film and the desire for “Hell’s Club” to really exist is strong in this one…

“As far as we’re concerned, you’re not a film buff until you’ve watched Blade, Tony Montana, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and John Travolta duke it out under an unnatural red light.” –  Matt Nedostup

Someecards: Hell’s Club imagines a nightclub frequented by characters from every movie you’ve ever seen. It’s trippy.





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