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Citizen Capitalism uses the power of shareholder influence against the wolves.

Book Review: Citizen Capitalism: How a Universal Fund Can Provide Income and Influence to All Corporations have been hijacked by the wolves of Wall Street. A generation of Gordon Gekkos manage hedge funds that pressure corporations to cut corners in the name of ‘unlocking shareholder value’ for investors. Corporations, the environment, and the American Middle …

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Summer Reading Recap 2015

In June I decided to reboot my reading habit and completed a book each week which has lead to more consistent reading overall. With summer coming to a close I thought I would share some thoughts on some of them. The topics varied but all relate in some fashion to my projects regarding how technology and corporations are …

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Book Review: The Secret History of Weeds

  The Secret History of Weeds is an outstanding look into the untold history of women dating back to our early history. Author Julia Hughes Jones was inspired to research and write “Weeds” by the misogynist ideas of Martin Luther, who in 1533 wrote that “Girls begin to talk and to stand on their feet sooner than boys because weeds always …

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