Julie Brown, Young Professional & Candidate

I recently launched a website for Julie Brown who is running for Tampa City Council, District 4 in the upcoming election on March 6, 2007.

In addition to working on her campaign website I have also begun volunteering on Saturday mornings by walking for her in the neighborhoods of South Tampa.

It has proven to be a great experience and an opportunity to get to know a wonderful person who will make a great leader for the city.

Julie is mother, wife, active citizen and attorney but most importantly to me; at 31 Julie is a young professional living in Tampa Bay. She is in tune with what we as young professionals are looking for in a city where we are establishing careers and deciding to settle down, grow some roots and start families.

As a candidate she is approachable, energetic, optimistic and level headed. She is someone that you can feel comfortable with quickly and is sincere when you talk with her.

I have only known her a couple months but am certainly glad I have had that chance and hope you will take the time to get to know her as well.

Her campaign website is, http://www.juliebrownforcitycouncil.com.

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