Client Profile: Donica Mediation Services

Herb Donica and I met last fall while volunteering together for the 2006 Toys for Tots program where he served as Chairman of the Volunteer Committee.

Last month we launched a new website for his company Donica Mediation Solutions, LLC.

Donica Mediation Solutions, LLC. was formed by Herbert R. Donica, Esq., to provide mediation services to parties seeking to resolve disputes. With over two decades of practice in the areas of bankruptcy and commercial litigation, Herb is prepared to mediate a broad range of disputes. Each mediation session will be conducted in a manner that encourages the parties to consider the risks of litigation and the cost-effectiveness of a mediated solution. In complex financial disputes, parties will be challenged to quantify the financial aspects of their respective positions. Herb has the ability to use empathy and humor to defuse stressful situations. Through Herb’s approach, he puts the parties at ease in order to facilitate the productive dialogue necessary for a successful mediation.

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