Damn Right Your Dad Drank It!

I had planned to blog this article when it came out and never got around to it. However now I am and it is more relevant and an example of an ad that worked on me.

In Daytona this past weekend for the American Advertising Federation, Fourth District, Fall Conference I was of course at the lobby bar Saturday evening after dinner talking shop and hanging out.

I ordered my usual Maker’s on the rocks, and was shocked to find that myself and another woman at the hotel over the weekend finished the supply.

What to do, I debated…

I went to the hospitality suite for a beer… not what I wanted

I walked two blocks to the liquor store… closed

I remembered talking about the new “Damn Right Your Dad Drank It!” to some fellow ad men and though heck, I’ll give it try…

You know what? It’s pretty “Damn” good!

Cheers to Canadian Club and great campaign that worked on me.

Hauling out imagery 60’s and 70’s imagery from actual Beam Global employees and positioning Dad as a once cool manly man, ads state “Your Mom Wasn’t Your Dad’s First,” “Your Dad Was Not a Metrosexual” and “Your Dad Never Got a Pedicure.”

Read the commentary from AdRANTS, Steve Hall here.

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