Does Greenpeace JFK video cross line?

A Brandweek article today reported that JFK Footage is recycled by Greenpeace in the name of stopping global warming.

As part of its “Energy [R]evolution” push, one of the 35th presidents’ most famous speeches is altered to deliver a message about the dangers of global warming. It says:”When man first walked upon the moon it defined a generation. As this new millennium dawns we face a greater challenge. Climate change threatens our very existence.”

Here’s the video:

According to Brandweek, “Greenpeace hopes the issue of whether JFK would have agreed with its stance will spark debate.”

The problem I see with the video is the fact that it explains nowhere that it is not the original words of JFK and in fact the opinions of Greenpeace. Creepy as it was, CP+B’s use of Orville Redenbacher was obviously for commercial use and promoted a company invented by the deceased.

I think Greenpeace crossed an ethical line with the ad first by not providing a disclaimer. Secondly the addition of the tagline; “Why must we look to the past, for leadership today?” at the end only seems to add authenticity.

Most of the spam, urban legends, phishing scams and highly embellished emails passed as fact that people have to analyze daily are in most cases anonymous and therefore more easily dismissed.

Greenpeace’s use of similar tactics decreases the impact of other messages they may try to get out in the future by now requiring viewers to fact check.

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