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Moon walking bear

Found this PSA today that is an awareness test focused on watching out for cyclists. I have been intrigued by this kind of visual test in the past and thought I’d pass this one on. I was not quite aware when I first saw it too.

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Does Greenpeace JFK video cross line?

A Brandweek article today reported that JFK Footage is recycled by Greenpeace in the name of stopping global warming. As part of its “Energy [R]evolution” push, one of the 35th presidents’ most famous speeches is altered to deliver a message about the dangers of global warming. It says:”When man first walked upon the moon it …

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Final Destination Style PSA’s

For anyone who was a fan or just happened to see any of the soon to be four Final Destination movies you know the visual effects. I discovered the following European PSA that uses a very visual and emotional message to combat speeding. The video reminded me of a series of videos by the Ontario Workplace Safety …

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