Moore’s newest blockbuster? Fahrenheit 6%

Jessi Miller pointed out Michael Moore’s latest public statement; where he revels in the glow of change, thanks activists for their efforts and emphasizes that more work is still to be done.

I want to thank everyone who gave of their time and resources to make this victory happen. It’s been a long road, and huge damage has been done to this great country, not to mention to many of you who have lost your jobs, gone bankrupt from medical bills, or suffered through a loved one being shipped off to Iraq. We will now work to repair this damage, and it won’t be easy.

Will Moore take this opportunity to be just as critical of the citizens of the country, who are fans that might boycott, regarding civic involvement as he has been on the leaders; who are easily targeted public figures that do not drive sales.

His next film could be “Fahrenheit 6%” and highlight the meager 6% of my county who voted for school board over the summer.

Something tells me his fans wouldn’t be too happy with that kind of truth.

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  1. Jessi Miller says:

    Vinny, you have made a GREAT point here. While I am so encouraged by the voter activity and the Presidential election results, on local levels not much has changed. The responsibility for how our country, states and cities are run lies in the hands of the people and if they do not make intelligent, active choices in their politics and consumerism, we will not stand a chance of changing for the better.

    It certainly would be a good topic for Michael Moore (or anyone else) to cover – the responsibility that lies in everyone’s hands.

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