Will the Tax Day Tea Party protests lead to citizen action?

I attended the lunchtime Tea Party in downtown Tampa today and was impressed by the turnout and enthusiasm of the crowd.

The crowd while mainly Republican was a solid mix of independents, Libertarians and Democrats  based on my observations of signs and shirts at least.

While I am encouraged by the outpouring of support and the civil unrest being voiced towards rampant spending and a disregard for the wishes of the people; I just don’t know if I believe people will follow up with real action to induce changes.

I agree with organizers and protestors that spending is outrageously out of control, that elected officials are not acting in the best interest of our country and that we are bankrupting future generations.

That said, change will not come from Washington and it is that misplaced focus that frustrates me the most.
The only way true change will occur and real Democracy be restored is if the citizens and the consumers of America participate in the process fully.

I noted signs at the rally held by children stating “hands off my piggy bank” and “stop spending my future” that do illustrate the long term effects of current decisions.

Voter turnout for the Hillsborough County School Board election last August was a pathetic 6% and should be prompting just as large of an outcry for more people to participate in local elections.

Until the non voting public is held accountable for their consistent inaction, I don’t believe that we will be able to hold our elected officials to any higher of standard than we hold ourselves.

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