Brother (Joey) Goes Global

My brother Joey and I at Czar in Ybor City for one last party night together while stateside.

The biggest news this month for my close family and friends has been my brother’s departure to Africa to start an indefinite vagabond/migration/exploration of the world.

His lose itinerary has him making stops in Ethiopia, Somliland, Dubai, and parts of the the Middle East and finally onto Thailand in April to get his TEFL Certification to teach English. Upon certification he plans to find work and settle down somewhere for a while teaching and experiencing the culture of wherever it is he lands.

My brother has been traveling and blogging about his travels since a 2005 trip to Morocco followed by a Round-The-World (RTE) in 2007 and other random trips. He’s been an inspiration to watch and is patiently waiting for us to do some traveling together.

To follow his travels please visit his site or follow him on Facebook or Twitter.


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