Finding optimism today – Three (3) short videos

Often I am asked where my optimism about our future comes from. My optimism comes from my belief that due to technology and our growing connectedness through the Internet, that we are growing what is in essence a global central nervous system. You can see this by looking at how the world’s attention can focus on a crisis and in an instant generate empathy (and outreach) from places far away.

Here are three videos for you that total just a bit over 30 minutes to watch. Watching even one of them should bring a smile on your face.

Conscious Capitalism Summit – Listen to 3 minutes of leaders in Conscious Capitalism talk about how business with a purpose inspires people and lifts humanity higher.

Brain Power – Watch this 10 minute video, customized for CCF 😉 where filmmaker Tiffany Shlain and founder of the WEBBY Awards compares the developmental stages of a child’s brain to the development of the Internet and how it is enabling world-wide empathy.

Overview Effect – In 1948 astronomer Fred Hoyle said “Once a photograph of the Earth, taken from the outside, is available… a new idea as powerful as any in history will be let loose.” Just 20 years later in 1968 that photo was taken. This 19 minute video of astronauts and scientists describing the overview effect on their lives is nothing short of amazing.

I hope you enjoy these three videos and share them with friends. In a time where so many messages are negative these truly inspire optimism.

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