After 25 years, Residences on the Riverwalk is great addition

Tampa Bay Times Rendering

For over 25 years the Straz Center has been a community destination, a nurturing home to passionate artists and performers, an educational haven, and a source of pride for employees, volunteers, and patrons. The Straz Center has also been a catalyst for the redevelopment of Downtown Tampa.

For 25 years the Straz Center has been waiting for a local neighborhood of urban dwellers that would further improve the arts experience in Downtown Tampa by living and working within walking distance of the Straz and all of the other great institutions that have grown up alongside.

With an estimated 6,000 residents in Downtown Tampa and the Channel District that day is upon us.

Today is a day to embrace growth in our urban core and to allow a public/private agreement that will bring more residents, increase dining and entertainment options, and realign an intersection that is currently unsafe for pedestrians, cyclists, and motorists without the use of public money.

Today, the Straz Center after 25 years now exists in a burgeoning neighborhood that happens to be located in Downtown Tampa.

As resident of Downtown Tampa and fan of the Straz Center I strongly support this project.

Vinny Tafuro, Downtown Resident, Uptown Council Treasurer


  1. Laraine says:

    I strongly agree with you and am amazed at how down on the project The Times is. Do you suppose they fear it may obstruct the view from THEIR building?!

  2. Mike says:

    This is a bad idea. More traffic on a ramp that can’t handle morning traffic as it is. There are residences on Franklin street that are still undersold because that area can’t continue to establish itself and this new site would detract from that possibility, not to mention block vIews of the water from other down town venues of residence and detract from their values. This project is not in the best interest of down town residents at all.

  3. Vinny says:

    Laraine/Mike, sorry I did not see these comments over the summer my blog became kind of neglected for other projects and I am now trying to post (and respond) more.

    Thank you both for your feedback and taking the time to read this post. I apologize again for the oversight.


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