I’ll Bleed for this. My #28DayChallenge Results

When May was coming to a close I accepted the cold water challenge given by a friend and decided that I could use a public self-challenge to tackle some tasks I had been wanting to accomplish while also changing some habits. A full month seemed pointless and difficult to track so the convenience of four weeks from June 1st through the 28th sounded perfect.

I came up with a few activities that with varying frequencies totaled 89 tasks over 28 days. From running consistently, adding yoga back to my schedule, and cooking for friends, to blogging consistently, reading more, and adding video blogging to my routine the activities were both personal and professional in nature. I even donated blood for the first time since being diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes, which was long overdue.

Donating blood on day 27.
Donating blood on day 27.

Here is a summary of the results:

  • Ran 40 kilometers
  • Posted 28 Yelp reviews
  • Attended 4 yoga classes
  • Went to the gym 6 times out of 8 planned
  • Attend church each week
  • Hosted 11 friends for dinner
  • Wrote or published 8 blog updates
  • Posted 4 video blogs
  • Reduced cigar smoking by 45%
  • Read for 10 hours
  • Began a weekly swim routine
  • Donated blood

Today, on day 28 and writing a recap I am very pleased with my results and the fact that I achieved 98% completion overall. Aside from the above tasks there were a number of other work related projects that I was able to complete or get started because of my added focus during the four weeks.

I am also pleased with the support and encourage of my Facebook friends who helped cheer me on along the way. Despite the countless articles deriding the hype-connected world we live in, it is exactly that hype-connectivity that allowed friends to encourage me while I did something that I believe has encouraged others.

My plan for the rest of the summer if to adjust the above goals into a more sustainable frequency and keep up the good habits. One key component to my success was to wake up 23 of the 28 days at my set time of 6 or 7 a.m. and for that I have to thank Eminem.

Another important tool in my habit keeping kit is an application called Lift (not the car service) that I discovered about a year ago from the recommendation of Randy Zuckerberg’s Dot Complicated blog and Tim Ferriss.

So that’s the end of a rewarding four week #28DayChallenge!



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