Why pulling out of Paris Agreement will not change U.S. course on climate change

Markets want stability, and the market has sided with science
Markets want stability, and the market has sided with science

Human influenced climate change is real my friends. Regardless of Presidential policy. While U.S. government action on climate change oscillates based on party control, the marketplace has increasingly ruled in favor of science. Over the past decade more and more companies have pledged to fight climate change. The U.S. government’s withdrawal from the Paris climate accord serves to fulfill a futile campaign promise. What it does not do, is change the U.S. economy’s course on mitigating climate change.

Many of the largest U.S. companies from Walmart and GE to Apple, Amazon, and Google remain steadfast in their pledges. While it is unfortunate for the U.S. government to remove itself from the list of 195 countries, it is mostly irrelevant considering the small economic size of most other nations. While the U.S. economy is the largest in the world it is built on the annual revenue of companies like Walmart and Apple. Two companies which when ranked in comparison to the GDP of other nations are 10 and 25 on the list respectivelyThe policies set by Apple CEO Tim Cook are far more important to the Earth’s environment than the ceremonial pledges of a U.S. President.

While not all corporations are committed to the environment, the lion’s share of global companies are on board. These companies are proving the market viability of climate sensitivity in business. Companies reluctant to accept this new reality will eventually be forced to change or forced out of business by the market.

Backing out of the Paris accord only serves to further diminish the role of the U.S. government while the global market aggressively addresses this century’s environment, economic, and education challenges.

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