Post Election Day thoughts

How do we keep a majority rule in a country where a majority doesn’t even vote?

Yesterday the primary elections were held and if you are a resident of Hillsborough County you were entitled, regardless of party affiliation, to vote for one countywide school board seat and five judicial races. If you are a registered Republican or Democrat, you had a number of additional contents that should have received your attention.

According to the Hillsborough County Supervisor of Elections website however it seems most of the county had no clue, didn’t care or just plain ignored a right that thousands have fought and died for in our 200 plus year history.

According to the website, of 650,739 registered voters, only 66,150 cast ballots or a 10.17% voter turnout. However, considering that Hillsborough County’s population is about 1 million that turnout is truly only 6.6%.

That behavior, no matter where you stand in your political views, is truly a pathetic figure.

As we get closer to November, if you are one of 93.4% of people that did not vote in the primary, please do not think you have the right to debate my political views in national or local politics.

Involvment must begin at home!


  1. ed-u-Kate says:

    The days are coming when more people will want to become involved in local politics because the decisions we face will eventually impact their daily lives. Property taxes are being shifted to local property owners by state leaders now. Watch and learn the state budget – it’s coming and local districts will be forced to levy higher millage rates to make up the hole in education funding that state elected leaders fail to fund even though it is their paramount duty – Florida Constitution.

    I urge people to learn all they can about local candidates, especially school board members, county commissioners and judges.

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