Agency websites: Flash vs. Traditional

As we are making the transition to Tafuro Communications, the new website is a big part of that process.  While planning for the website the question of doing a Flash or traditional website came up. This of course sent us off to the web to see what everyone else was doing.

The discovery process has resulted in an interesting observation about how traditional and interactive agencies are approaching the web.

Traditional agencies, while claiming to understand interactive media and the value of Web 2.0 etc. are still clinging most often to full Flash websites. The sites are very visual appealing but are absolutely not as dynamic as the websites of interactive shops.

An Interactive agency example, imc2, has a hybrid site with only some Flash components.  Compare this to the traditional agency, Draft FCB where you see a completely Flash website.

A traditional agency I would say has embraced the mentality of interactive shops would be Ogilvy.

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