Belgian brewer trashes American tradition

Little more than a week after announcing they will raise ticket prices to Busch Gardens and SeaWorld, Belgian beer brewer AB InBev has announced it will trash a 50-year old theme park tradition by no longer offering two free beers to park visitors.

The move, done to enhance the parks’ appeal for patrons of all ages, ends a tradition that dates back to 1959 and Busch Gardens’ origin as a small bird garden that offered tours of an adjacent A-B brewery.

According to Advertising Age the Belgian brewer plans to run five minutes of advertising during Super Bowl XLIII on February 1, 2009.

Advertising time during this year’s Super Bowl is reportedly being sold at a rate of $3 million for a single 30-second spot.

Assuming the Belgian brewer has a cost of $ .40 for each free beer given out, one 30 second Bud Light spot would allow them to hand out two free beers to 3.75 million visitors or roughly 85% of all visitors to Busch Gardens in 2007.

The entire $30 million Super Bowl advertising buy would supply a whopping 75 million free beers.

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