Spring already? 35 is going fast but so is my running!

Crossing the line - a year of races begins again!

It is now officially Spring. They same time flies when you are having fun and gets faster as you get older. Do some people become unhappy as they age in an effort to slow down time? Because the exponential effect of having fun and getting old simultaneously is mind-blowing! 🙂

I’m not concerned though. My career is finding a wonderful balance as I grow a new company, maintain clients I enjoy working with and continue to just experience life.

After 15 months running I really do feel I am runner and the semi regular Bikram hot yoga have been an almost religious experience with regards to meditation and clearing my mind.

I completed the Gasparilla Distance Classic 5K but was not pleased with the time (29.56) or the heat (80+) of the day that caused a bad time. I had really hopped to improve that day over last year and am striving to get to 28 minutes. I’m preparing for Miles for Moffitt in May at USF and hope with a cool 8 a.m. start I can reach my goal.

Combine the above with my move to downtown and my gym time as gone to zero (another result of becoming a runner). I’m working to change that soon by just forcing myself back into the gym. The goal is simple, two days a week for 40 minutes each day, arms and upper body only – do more after the basics become a habit again.

Anyway, just a quick update, no revolutionary suggestion for the future journalism or transit 😉 tonight. I just hope I can motivate some of my friends that are on the fence about getting some physical routine going. It’s a challenge. Start small make it easy and add as you go.


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