Taking my own advice in school and TEDx Tampa Bay

This past Friday was the end of my fourth week since returning to college at The University of Tampa since receiving my Associate in Arts from Hillsborough Community College in 2004. It was also the first day of class that I missed by taking my own advise. For nine years as a leader in Ad 2 Tampa Bay and now AAF Tampa Bay I have advised students that certain activities outside of the university were important enough to miss a day of classes for. I decided that Friday’s TEDx Tampa Bay would one of those extra activities I would not miss.

Fortunately both classes were showing videos on Friday that I would be able to watch on my own. Ironically they ended up both being completely on topic with the TEDx subject, the Future of Stories. My friend Abby Album provides a great summary of the day in her blog. Artist Sharon Britton’s story of how she found her passion, became an artist, and what yoga has done for her was particularly inspiring because I feel that practicing yoga last year helped lead to me finding the inspiration to write a book.

My next post will illustrate how I believe that the Future of Stories is Coming Full Circle.



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