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Ralph Hughes and cell phone advice

I met Mr. Hughes on only a couple of occasions and wish that I had more opportunities before his passing this month. I am most appreciative of one bit of advice he gave during my first meeting with him in 2004. Someone during the meeting answered a cell phone call. Mr. Hughes was not upset …

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Involvement increases income options

The following entry is a quote of my comment on a recent Creative Tampa Bay column, The Sunshine Factor… As the Chairman of National Ad 2 with 25+ young professional chapters around the country I can tell from first hand experience that it is not simply sunshine that depresses local salaries. More importantly it is …

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Reflecting on Career Choice

One of the most frequent questions I am asked and that I still often ask myself is, “why/how did you decide to go into business for yourself?”. My usual response is something like “I fell into it” and refers to starting the Dynamic Creations in December of 1998 as a side business while working full …

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