European Style Driving PSAs – Unsettling, but are they Effective?

too fast
NZ Transport Agency

A cousin posted a link to this driving safety PSA from New Zealand and since it’s been quite a while since I have covered PSAs of any kind I thought it might be a topic to resurrect if you will pardon the pun.

In a change from the typical Final Destination format of other driving and accident PSAs this one takes a different approach. Instead of plowing through steel, glass, flesh, and bone – the action freezes at the moment both drivers know there is now time for correction. The drivers “negotiate” in the middle of the intersection but are unable to change the outcome because one of them was going to fast.

So what do you think? Do the screams and horror of an accident scene make the viewer reflect more or is this negotiation style ad more effective?

Thanks to Mashable for sharing.

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