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Starbucks Takes First True Step into the Knowledge Economy

The terms “knowledge economy” and “digital age” have been thrown around by professionals, pundits, academics, and politicians in some form or another for at least 20 years. Until this week however not one of them has presented a real grasp of the nature of this new economy. Most everyone has attempted to measure and understand the knowledge economy …

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Six Years Later, Snickers Continues… Blunders or Brilliance?

An Adweek article showed up in my feed this afternoon from a friend, Construction Workers Yell Messages of Empowerment to Women in Snickers Stunt featuring construction workers yelling at women – with messages of empowerment. The commercial shows construction workers who instead of yelling sexist catcalls, shout positive messages like, “I’d like to show you the respect you …

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A Psychological Evaluation of Corporations

Last week’s move by Chipotle is a great preview of how corporations may someday keep each other in check without tight regulation as they compete to outdo each other’s social impact. This entry is an excerpt from my book Corporate Empathy that you can read or watch below. America’s Constitution created a republic and adopted capitalism as …

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