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I have not blogged or sent an email update since before I left for Tallahassee and cannot believe it has been over two full months. Thank you to those of you who let me know my writing has been missed. It has been a whirlwind of a year so far.

On to the updates:

This week’s big event!

The biggest event in Tampa Bay this week, at least in my humble opinion is Ad 2 Tampa Bay’s 29th Annual Merchandise & Media Auction which this year has been moved to eBay and is online only. This has opened it up to many new bidders and made for an exciting online war for the donated media.

The auction closes tomorrow (Friday 5/23) around 2 p.m. so go check it out and spend some money on some great advertising deals!

Click here:

My Voice and the Infinite Power of One

If you click the link here and listen to the PSA you should notice that the lead voice/line “What if you
could be more powerful” is none other than yours truly.

I was asked by my long time friend Kate Whatley, Art Director at Peak Biety and Incoming Ad 2 Tampa Bay President to do some voice trials for a PSA. They liked my voice enough to use it twice in this spot and also in the 15 and 30 second versions.

The work was pro bono of course but only took about 15 minutes one afternoon. The campaign is national so it will be heard all over the country.

I want to thank Kate and also Glen Peak for the awesome opportunity.

Harping on an issue, voter apathy

I read this Tampa Tribune article in April and it really illustrated the utterly depressing
turn out numbers in Pasco County’s various municipal elections.

When I have more time I want to go into more details on this but as noted above I like to harp on this issue.

When will not voting become political incorrect?

American Advertising Federation & National Ad 2


I am off to Atlanta June 7th through 10th for the AAF National Conference, advertising expo and of course the National ADDY Award Show.

We will be holding the National Ad 2 Public Service Competition on Monday June 9th from 2 to 6
p.m. during the conference. We will have nine Ad 2 chapters competing.

Click here for a list of clubs and the charities they helped this year.

Tampa Bay Advertising Federation

I have signed on to be the local TBAF legislative chair again this coming year and will be looking forward to working with those of you in our industry and market on various legislative issues affecting our business.

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